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By Johanna Maria Ticar

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The grasp thesis of Johanna Maria Ticar finds high-resolution insights into the myocardial microstructure and illustrates that cardiac muscle fibers are instantly, working in parallel with one most popular fiber path, even if, deposits comparable to fats appear to compromise the standard and compact constitution. moment harmonic iteration imaging mixed with optical tissue clearing is a correct approach for making a choice on the third-dimensional muscle fiber and sheet orientations and as a result, permits the calculation of fiber rotation through the ventricle wall.

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The actual processing of the image stacks was performed according to Schriefl et al. , MA, USA). Fiber orientations from two-dimensional images were extracted using a Fourier-based image analysis method in combination with wedge filtering, both prevalent for the characterization of the collagen organization (Schriefl et al. , 2012). Foremost, a window using a raised cosine function was applied to reduce the grey-scale values to zero at the image periphery in order to avoid any frequency-domain effects.

Higher b-values of the observed specimen demonstrate a more anisotropic cardiac muscle fiber distribution, while a concentration parameter of b > 1 already correlates with images of highly aligned fibers. The corresponding coefficient of determination R2 , a measure of the goodness of fit, was determined for each image and plotted over the depth. While a value of R2 = 1 indicates perfectly fitted data, R2 values that are close to one are satisfactory. 9 (d) depicts the disperion parameter κ plotted over the respective depth.

3: Data from two biaxial heart samples of which a small part was cut out and rotated 90◦ to visualize the alignment in sheets and to determine the out-of-plane rotation. The original position (LV = left ventricle, end = endocardial, med = medial, epi = epicardial) of the sample, the respective depth, the rotation per depth and mm depth, the concentration parameter b, the coefficient of determination R2 , and the dispersion parameter κ are denoted. ). Sample no. I I Stack c d Heart no. 12 The corresponding plots of sample I c are shown in Fig.

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