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By Richard Watson

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What is going to the realm seem like in 2020, 2030 or perhaps 2100? How will growth in medical examine impact human existence within the components of health and wellbeing and way of life, strength and the surroundings, politics and clash, house exploration or even the last word questions of lifestyles? This completely researched and beautifully written ebook deals an electrifying journey during the wonders -- and terrors -- watching for us over the following hundred years.

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That is how I should like you to think about the instants of time. Each Now is a structure. For each definite collection of structures - triangles, tetrahedrons, molecules, megamolecules - there is a corresponding 'country' whose points correspond to them. The points are the possible configurations. Each configuration is a possible thing; it is also a possible Now. Unfortunately it is impossible to form any sort of picture of even Tetrahedron Land: unlike Triangle Land, which has three dimensions, it has six dimensions.

Such that if the motions of the bodies are known at some instant, the laws determine all the future movements. All the world's history can be determined from two snapshots taken in quick succession. (If you know where something is at two closely spaced instants, you can tell its speed and direction. ) Newton's picture is close to everyday experience. We do not see 22 I THE BIG PICTURE IN SIMPLE TERMS absolute space and time, but we do see something quite like them - the rigid Earth, which defines positions, and the Sun, whose motion is a kind of clock.

The universe we see around us today is special: it is very highly ordered. For example, light streams away in a very regular flow from billions upon billions of stars throughout the universe. These stars are themselves collected together in galaxies, of which there are just a few basic types. Here on Earth we find very complex molecules and very complicated life forms that could not possibly exist were it not for the steady stream of sunlight that constantly bathes our planet. However, the vast majority of conceivable initial conditions there could have been at the Big Bang would have led to universes much less interesting - indeed, positively dull - compared with ours.

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