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By D. Allan Bromley

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During this "Cook’s Tour" of advancements in physics and realted fields, D. Allan Bromley, technology consultant to President Bush in the course of 1989-1983 and prior president of the yank actual Society, conveys a lot of the thrill and sweetness that learn in physics generated within the twentieth century and asks what new issues are in shop within the subsequent century.

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Among them was a 60 atom molecule, which took a form analogous to a giant soccer ball or a dome constructed by Buckminster Fuller hence, the generic name of "fullerene". Subsequently, it has been shown that there are a number of structural siblings, the smallest of which has 36 carbon atoms in its structure. These molecules can now be made in quantity and can be used to carry other materials or molecules enclosed within them for drug delivery or other specialized use. There is also evidence that layers of the fullerenes can be superconducting.

The development of new materials has also had a major impact on our ability to develop human prosthetic devices that will replace both bones and soft tissue or serve as matrices for the regrowth of either. We have learned how to reduce corrosion on prosthetic device surfaces by factors of many hundreds and, in consequence, have extended their lifetimes after implantation in the human body to more than an average human lifetime. The day of the bionic man or woman is closer than we may think. M ATERIALS SCIENCE I have included Figure 39, which shows lead-tin telluride crystals growing on a substrate, because I find it intrinsically beautiful and because it demonstrates in striking fashion the diversity that exists in such a simple and commonplace process.

I firmly believe that they will succeed within the decade and that when they succeed it will open up an entirely new era of physics and of the modeling of physical systems comparable to the introduction of solid-state computers in the 1960s. Computational Chemistrv One of the areas already being transformed by the availability of high-speed, high-capacity computers is computational chemistry. Two examples that I show in Figures 59 and 61 were obtained from my colleagues, William Jorgenson and Computer modelling of the interaction of the negative chlorine ion with a methyl chloride molecule calculated using a Gaussian 80 program.

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