A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa - download pdf or read online

By Julian Granberry

ISBN-10: 3895867640

ISBN-13: 9783895867644

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Ex. wosgwigl [woosgwege] book (D~r. wosgwo-s-ol 'he wrttes (Der. wosgwo- . mark + -s reflexive suffix+ -o 3rd person singular suffix) [Source: Dtary 1] wot noun (wot) /wotl [woot] mouth [Source: Diary 1; Stiles 't6neege'] wotupig noun (wo·tu·pig') /wot:J[Jigl [woothuppeag] 1. bucket; 2. pail [Source: Diary 1] wu- pronominal prefu (wu-) /w~/ I. he; 2. her; 3. hers; 4. him 5. his; 6. it; 7. its; 8. she [Source: Diary I, 2, Sermon, Tale] wu- -uw(aw) pronominal affixes (wu- -uw[aw]) /w~ -:JW{aw)/ [wu- o(waw)] I.

Pequot Indian Glossary. Ms. in Beinecke Library, Yale University, In this series New Haven, Connecticut. Prince, J. Dyneley and Frank G. Speck 1903. The Modern Pequots and Their Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 5, pp. 193-212. 1904. Glossary of the Mohegan Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. , Jr. 1975. "Resurrecting Virginia Algonquian from the Dead". In Studies in Southeastern Indian Languages, ed. by James M. Crawford. The University of Georgia Press, Athens. 1975, pp. 285-453.

And; 3. too [Source: Diary Stiles] -(u)w- infix (-(u)w) 1-(u)w/ [-(u)w-] an infix connective [Source: Diary 1' Sermon, Tale] -(u)w pronominal suffix (-[u]w) 1-(~)w/ [-uw] 1. he; 2. it; 3. she (Independent Order Indicative) [Source: Diary: I Diary 2 Sermon Tale] ' ' ' -(u)wak pronominal suffix (-[u·]wak) 1-(~)wak/ [-uwak] they (animate; Independent Order Indicative) [Source: Diary I, Diary 2, Tale] -(u)wax pronominal suffix (-[u·Jwax) 1-(~)wa$/ [-uwash] they (inanimate; Independent Order Indicative) [Source: Diary I] I, Diary 2, Sermon] wanjug pronoun (wan·'jug) /wanj:Jgl [wonjug] 1.

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