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The idea of "head" is that of power, rule, authonty (see Eph 1. 22-23). The metaphor "head of the body" represents the supremacy of Christ and the unity of all Christians as a living organism which belongs to Christ. A literal rendering of the statement He is the head of his body may seem not only strange but even rather ludicrous. As a result, one may wish to change the order of the expressions which are in apposition, namely his body and the church. 18 possible to use a tenn such as "head" to identify supremacy over or the governing of some obj ect.

On the basis of what he has said about the person and work of Christ, Paul now shows the effect of that on his readers in one long sweeping statement that goes without a full stop to the end of verse 23. He states, in an dependent clause, their previous condition before knowing Christ (verse 21), followed by the main verb "he has reconciled" (verse 22), which describes God's saving act and its purpose ("in order to ... "), whose fulfillment is conditioned by the constancy and faithfulness of the Colossians in adhering to the gospel preached by Paul to .

24-2. 5 work was that of proclaiming, spreading, annOlIDcing the Good News. 'The noun ''minister'' (Mft Phps NEB) in American English may be misunderstood as a person ordained to an ecclesiastical position. " TEV PAUL'~ (1. 5) RSV WORK AS A SERVANT OF THE CHURCH 24 And now I am happy about my sufferings for you, for by means of my physical sufferings I am helping to complete what still remains of Christ's sufferings on behalf of his body, the church. 25 And I have been made a servant of the church by God, who gave me this task to perform for your good.

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