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"Highly urged for all educational library chemistry collections; biochemistry and clinical collections can also are looking to consider." (Choice)
"Each access is supplied with a definition, an outline of the influence, software, and literature citations."... the choice during this e-book is large and useful." (J. of Am. Chem. Soc.)
"The ebook is not only a set of definitions of acronyms, each one access includes a concise and informative clarification of the origins of the method or option to which it refers... this e-book is a needs to for development of any budding spectroscopist." (Analyst)

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Content material: [1] / Egon T. Degens. 2 / Kenneth Kustin, man C. McLeod

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Reference 1. Paul H, Fischer H (1970) Naturforsch Z. 25a: 443 CIDKP German abbreviation for Chemisch Induzierte Dynamische Kernpolarisation (see CIDNP), introduced by Bargon and Fischer [1]. Reference 1. Bargon J, Fischer H (1967) Naturforsch Z. 22a: 1556 CIDNP Acronym for Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization A phenomenon that was investigated originally by registrating NMR spectra during radical reactions. or amplified c 48 CIDNP-COSY absorption signals or a mixture of both. The effect was found in 1967 by Bargon, Fischer, and Johnson and Ward and Lawler independently.

The sequence proposed by Reynolds et al. [3] applies two BIRD pulses, and is, in principle, superior to the COLOC [1] and Freeman's sequences [2], at least vor 2J (CH) correlations. This pulse sequence also discriminate between 2J(CH) and 3J(CH) correlations via the involved vicinal proton-proton couplings. Recently [4] a simple modification of Freeman's sequence [2] has been developed and designated by the authors as COLOC-S (COLOC-selective), which provides rapid long-range-correlation two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectra (see 2D-NMR).

14: 137 2. Allouche A, Marinelli F, Pouzard G (1983) J. Magn. Reson. 53: 65 3. Boelens R, Podoplelov A, Kaptein R (1986) J. Magn. Reson. 69: 116 CJCP Abbreviation of Corrected coupled J Cross-Polarization Spectra In nuclear magnetic resonance (see NMR) a modified ]CP (see p 152) pulse sequence has been presented [lJ, this purges coupled NMR spectra of both phase and multi pled anomalies or artifacts by restoring genuine mUltiplet patterns. In this connection, it has been demonstrated [lJ that a linear combination of the free induction decays (see FID's) resulting from the so-called PCJCP (see p 210) sequence and the modified JCP sequence, called CJCP, can lead to natural multiplet structures when spin-l nuclei are the polarization source, as well.

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