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T. J. Heckrodt and J. H. Mulzer: Marine ordinary items from Pseudopterogorgia Elisabethae: buildings, Biosynthesis, Pharmacology and overall Synthesis . - M. Kalesse: Vinylogous Aldol Reactions and their purposes within the Syntheses of traditional items . -U. Beifuss and M. Tietze: Methanophenazine and different average Biologically energetic Phenazines .

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As can be seen in Table 6, even aliphatic aldehydes can be used to provide good yield and excellent enan- 50 M. r. 30 39 37 92 92 98 98 95 75 90 90 89 36 Scheme 6 Vinylogous aldol reactions with different catalyst loading tiomeric excess (Table 6, entry 4). The authors observed that free alcohols isolated in small quantities showed higher ee values than those derived from acidic deprotection, in which racemization in the deprotection step was accounted for. Another synthetically important feature of this reaction is the fact that the aldol reaction essentially takes place at room temperature.

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Abstract The synthesis of complex natural products still remains as the bottleneck for the biological evaluation of such compounds. In contrast to the biosyntheses, vinylogous aldol reactions can incorporate more than one acetate or propionate building block into the growing polyketide chain. To facilitate such reactions either enolate activation or aldehyde activation is required. For both variations, selective protocols have been put forward and were shown to be efficient substitutes compared to standard aldol reactions.

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