O. Lowenstein's Advances In Comparative Physiology Biochemistry PDF

By O. Lowenstein

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This would then transmit sound to the ossicles and ultimately to the cochlea, through the processus gracilis of the malleus. The work of Dudok van Heel (1959, 1962) has also favored the view that the meatus is not exclusively involved in sound conduction to the middle ear. The directionality of hearing in Phocaena phocaena was mea­ sured by an operant conditioning method. The animal was trained to distinguish from a distance which of two underwater loudspeakers was producing a tone signal. 5 kHz and 16° at 6 kHz.

Work has been sporadic and, until recently, seemed to lack purpose. A. History of Hearing Studies As early as 1948, Schleidt found that the bank vole, Clethrionomys glareolusy uttered sounds above the human upper limit of hearing and showed a Preyer's reflex response and dorsal skin reaction to such sounds. Behavioral reactions were later shown to be elicited up to 50 kHz and were assumed to have communicatory significance to the animal (Schleidt, 1951). This was followed by an investigation of a number of rodent species (Kahmann and Osterman, 1951: Schleidt, 1952), using Preyer's reflex and vibrissae twitch responses in order to obtain hearing curves.

36 A. M. BROWN AND J. D. PYE 3. Mice Various strains of Mus musculus hold similar status to the rat as re­ search animals for many fields of investigation. , 1965) and audiogenic seizure (Niaussat and Legouix, 1967; Niaussat, 1967; Darrouzet and Guilhaume, 1967). The investigation of hearing in apparently normal mice, however, has frequently not been extended beyond about 40 kHz. y 1968). A good agreement has been shown between the curves ob­ tained by different techniques, but all this work unfortunately ignored a large (high frequency) part of the mouse hearing curve.

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