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By Alan R. Katritzky (Ed.)

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(from preface)Volume 50 of Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry includes 4 chapters. Howard D. Perlmutter has contributed a survey of 1,2- and 1,3-diazocines. this is often the fourth in a chain of experiences through Perlmutter» whose past surveys comprise azocines (Volume 31,1982), 1,4-diazocines (Volume forty five, 1989), and 1,5-diazocines (Volume forty six, 1989). the current bankruptcy completes this therapy of 8-membered heterocycles containing nitrogen.R. E. Busby has written a bankruptcy on thiadiazines containing adjoining sulfur and nitrogen ring atoms. This bankruptcy enhances one in quantity forty four which handled sulfamides of this sort. H. Quiniou and O. Guilloton of Nantes have lined the chemistry of monocyclic 1,3-thiazines, a gaggle that, strangely, has now not been reviewed comprehensively for a few years. eventually, E. V. Kuznetsov and that i. V. Shcherbakova of Rostov collaborate with A. T. Balaban of Bucharest in a precis of the chemistry of benzo[c]pyrylium salts. This evaluation enhances the evaluation by way of a bunch of authors lower than the management of Balaban who lined the chemistry of pyrylium salts in complement 2 of this sequence, which seemed in 1982.

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Schmidt-type reactions of lower ring homologs have been common methods used to prepare eight-membered cyclic ureas. Behringer and Meier, beginning with cyclohexanone, employed two ring expansions to prepare 104 via caprolactam oxime 112 (Scheme 4) (57LA67). Le Berre and co-workers also prepared 104 by aqueous base treatment of the 0-tosylate of 112. The same tosylate. when reacted with alkoxides, yields alkoxyisoureas 113 (R = Me, Et, n-Bu, n-hex, n-oct, n-dodecyl) (7 1BSF3245). Ulrich and co-workers found that Lossen rearrangement of the 0-mesylate of 112 in base gave 104 in yields better than these found in previous syntheses (78JOC1544).

Compounds 142 (benzene rings are variously H-, Alk-, OAlk-, hal-, and SAlk-substituted) found use as insecticides (87JAP6216921). , in a reaction sequence starting with 104 (Scheme 6) prepared guanidine 106 (R = Ph) using phosphoryl chloride and aniline. This intermediate underwent benzoylation to afford N,N'-dibenzoylated guanidine 143 (78JOC4150). Treatment of a mixture of 2,6-di-rert-butylphenol and trimethylamine with a product prepared in situ from 104 and oxalyl chloride in acetonitrile gave quinonemethide 144 (84CZP212600).

Attempted dehydrobromination of dibromodiazocine 95 with sodium methoxide resulted in transannular reaction and ring contraction to give 96. Use of the more bulky potassium rerr-butoxide instead of methoxide resulted in debromination of 95 to yield 84 (72JOC1851). Treatment of dibenzodiazocine 9 with dilute acids afforded spirotetrahydroisoquinoline 97, representing the first isolated stable o-semidine rearrangement intermediate (73JHC423). Sublimation of benzodiazocine 31 gave tricyclic 98 (76TL1569).

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