Advances in nuclear science and technology. / Volume 1 - download pdf or read online

By Ernest J. Henley, Herbert Kouts

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ISBN-13: 9781483224589

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Because of the materials temperature limitations and the heat flux limitations of this reactor, it is necessary to have knowledge of the heat transfer conditions and temperature distributions wherever these limitations may be approached. As reactor power is increased, one limitation is reached before the others, depending on the reactor design, and this establishes the maximum operating power level. For example, it is possible to reach a burn-out heat flux condition in the boiler region before reaching a limiting superheater tube material temperature.

Spares are based on an extrapolation of failure rates experienced by conventional boilers. Although the graphite columns are designed so that they can be replaced, it is expected that normally any tube leaks will merely be plugged, adjacent fuel removed, and power operation resumed. The normal complement of auxiliary systems is provided. In addition, an emergency shutdown system is provided in the form of boron injection into the boiling region coolant in sufficient quantities to shut the reactor down, in case the control rods do not function.

A simplified flow diagram of the graphite-moderated boiling and superheating reactor is shown in Fig. 6, and a summary of the reactor plant characteristics for a nominal 300-Mwe plant, as presently conceived, are presented in Table! The active core consists of three annular regions: a central boiling region, an intermediate superheater region, and an outer reheat region. A graphite reflector completely surrounds the active core. The core is a pattern of 324 square graphite columns, 22 in. on a side, penetrated by vertical pressure tubes and separate fuel channels as shown in Fig.

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Advances in nuclear science and technology. / Volume 1 by Ernest J. Henley, Herbert Kouts

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