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The results stated above qualitatively characterize the physical discrete spectrum ΩΦ . Also, they substantially simplify the numerical analysis, reducing the search for eigenconstants and suggesting characteristic features of their dynamics under changes of parameters, providing thereby the necessary basis for constructing rigorous and efficient computational procedures [10]. 11 ¯ of the eigenwaves move over the surface follows that the propagation constants Φ ¯ is zero, then, in order for the respective F in quadruples.

They decrease exponentially for z > a but have the order O(1) for bounded z and |y| → ∞. 3. However, the main tool for studying wave and oscillation processes in these structures, treated in terms of complex boundary value problems, is numerical experiment. The employed models enable us to obtain all necessary information quickly and with a desired accuracy. Physical results [1, 10, 40] based on the spectral theory have been obtained by numerical experiments on analytic regularization models (see [10, 11, 16, 17, 22, 45] and Chapter 2) for waveguide-type semitransparent and reflective gratings.

Quite rarefied when the grating height is small, the spectrum condenses as h increases. 5, the bundle k¯ 2n (h) of spectral curves for oscillations of the second family in the domain (k2 ;Φ0 ) × (0;H) appears as the bundle k¯ 1n (h) in the domain (0;k1 ) × (0;H). As h → ∞, all its components tend to the H0 2 -wave cutoff point k2 , which is the boundary of the domain given by the vector {N,M} with N = 0 and M = 2 (that is, plainly a {0,2} vector). The spectral curves of the first- and the second-family oscillations meet.

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