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Extractive and Degradative Procedure (1 16-1 18) With the recognition of the extensive occurrence of amine oxides as alkaloids in the plant there have been developed differential isolation procedures, to separate these from the amines, and reduction procedures, applied to crude extracts, to convert all the amine oxides to amines. For qualitative detection of amine oxides, the red or reddish brown coloration that these compounds give with acetic anhydride serves as a useful test (150). The problem of the separation of the naturally occurring amines from the amine oxides has been attacked in different ways.

Rafin. C. C. C. C. (135) Senecio eremophilus Richards (84) Senecio ilicijolius Thunb. ( 117, 118) Senecio fwmonti Torr. C. (93) Senecio jacobaea L. C. (117, 118) Senecio tomentosus (140) (73) Crotalaria juncea L. ) Rafin. C. C. p. ) -134'4 TABLE Alkaloid Seneciphylline N-oxide C18H23N06 Senkirkine +P. +P. 1-(Continued) Source Senecio carthamoides Greene (84, 85) Senecio eremophilw, Richards (84, 86) Senecio frelnonti Torr. and Gray (83) Senecio ilicijolius Thunb. (117, 118) Senecio jawbaea L.

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