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Buck A JI Q) c: spacecharge regions 1 8:'S (d) ~V B '':; c: Q) (5 a.. ; .... 'S (0) Q) u aM(O) or aA(d) < aA(O). (B) Condition of negative current flow in the positive direction or positive current flow in the negative direction. Potential increases positive downward. The membrane thickness in this drawing is d.

The specifically adsorbed plane of ion centers defines the inner Helmholtz plane (IHP). There is one further limitation to the simple Gouy-Chapman theory, which assumes ions have no size. Ions are not point charges and cannot pile up at the surfaces to create space charge densities greater than that allowed by their finite sizes or by their salt solubilities and ion pairing constants. 21 Theory and Principles of Membrane Electrodes Orientation of dipoles and adsorbed charges are taken into account by continuing the diffuse potential profile only from bulk to OHP.

In all of Fig. 9, a vacancy-rich crystal is illustrated. An example might be AgCl doped with CdCb or PbCb. At any temperature above zero absolute, some electronic defects will exist in a crystal. Electrons and holes, free to move in a crystal, are probably formed from disengagement of e - from X-, although recently there is some evidence that electrons are disengaged from lattice Ag + to leave Ag2+, rather than XO. At any instant of time, one may conceive of Ag+ and e- as AgO, and X- and h+ as XO, corresponding to free elements in a crystal.

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