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2 below). I have argued elsewhere (Lieber 1983b) that processes of umlaut and mutation do in fact appear to be local. Mutations occur only at the beginnings and ends of morphemes, and if triggered by an adjacent element, initial mutations are always triggered by something immediately to their left and final mutations by some element immediately to their right. If this is true, then a framework lacking some sort of prohibition on the duplication of distinctive features appears to make false predictions.

Some support for this notion comes from a variable fast speech rule applied by speakers of Venezuelan Spanish (Gonzalez 1982). Gonzalez reports that in certain speech styles a rhyme-final consonant followed by another consonant loses its place of articulation features, whatever they are, and becomes velar, so that underlying apto is pronounced in this speech style as akto. Gonzalez's derivation is illustrated in (30): (30) This sort of rule would be especially easy to state if a phonological rule could refer specifically to the place of articulation subtier (Tp); that is, the rule could delete Tp in a rhyme-final consonant preceding another consonant.

Obviously we must make one choice or the other for our theory; either the duplication of features on different tiers is permitted or not. If autosegmental theory is to be a general theory of phonological and morphological representations, distinctive features must be distributed onto tiers in some principled fashion. Once the theory has been made consistent in this respect, however, it must then be shown that it works equally well for all sorts of processes that have been analyzed autosegmentally.

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