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В этом исследовании автор показывает, что древнее естествознание было собранием и представлением историй и феноменов, достойных упоминания философами, популяризаторами или торговцами чудесами. В этой книге исследуются отношения между физическим миром, богами, греческой философией и целями тех, кто выражал весьма различные понятия о «природе». Основное внимание автора уделено «Истории животных» Аристотеля, «Естественной истории растений» Теофраста, «Географии» Страбона, а также, в некоторой степени, «Естественной истории» Плиния Старшего. Одна из основных тем книги - то, как к естествознанию относились различные общества: греки, римляне, евреи и христиане.Образцы сканов:

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With this background Aristotle explains meteorological events in terms of qualitative change and the interchangeability of elements. A major principle for him is that the heat of the sun draws out from the earth two main kinds of exhalations, the moist and the dry. As these rise, so they may catch fire and produce shooting stars. 61 All air according to Aristotle is potentially fire, and nowhere more so than at the top of its sphere, where it impinges on the lower surface of the sphere of fire.

The Nile was a perpetual source of interest to the ancient world, both before and after Aristotle. Not only was it the lifeblood of Egypt, the only civilisation for the antiquity of which the Greeks had an admiration,67 but unlike all other rivers it rose and flooded in the summer rather than the winter. Whether (as Jaeger maintains68) or not Aristotle actually wrote the tract attributed to him, On the Inundation of the Nile, he gave the topic some thought. He argued that its generative mountain was the Silver Mountain (which he does not locate).

As we noted above there was a sense for Aristotle that matter was strongly qualitative; or the qualities were in a 30 ARISTOTLE AND THE NATURES OF THINGS sense material. 101 Likewise watery bodies are cold, unless they retain an external heat, like wine. The Meteorologica is presented as the last of a series of works dealing with homogeneous bodies: that is, the elements and the ‘similar’ parts, the discussion of which is preliminary to that of the compound and complex bodies which follow, principally those of plants and animals.

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