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By N. G. de Bruijn

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An unique, potent technique teaches through reviewing labored examples intimately. "Every step within the mathematical approach is defined, its objective and necessity made transparent . . . the reader not just has no hassle in following the rigorous proofs, yet even turns to them with keen expectation." — Nuclear Physics. 1958 edition.

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We first state the equations of motion for a rigid body using the traditional translational and rotational coordinates, referred to as body coordinates. Then, we describe the point coordinate method, followed by the joint coordinate method which is divided into open- and closed-loop sections. 2. Notation One-dimensional vectors are denoted by lower-case bold-face characters (q, r, ro). Matrices are denoted by upper-case bold-face characters (C, D). Scalars are denoted by light-face characters. A right-subscript denotes a body or a joint index.

We number the primary points 1, ... , 4 and the secondary points 5, ... , 10. Hence, the position of the secondary points can be described as (10) Note that a vector Si locates a point relative to the body mass center. 4 J 7 ~j ,0- (a) (b) ~j t;. •• 3 (c) Figure 6. Primary and secondary points for mass distribution. The ten equations are written as -02 39 10 Lm j =mi (11) j=1 10 LiS! (12) m j =0 j=1 10 _ '" isj isj mj=iJ. J " (13) , j=1 The first expression yields one equation, the second expression yields three equations, and the third expression yields six equations.

Now C, as defined in Eq . 103, may be factored into the product of elementary matrices that are easily inverted to give I 1 (109) The faclOred form or R in Eq. 109 makes tile recursive decoupling algorithm easier to derive and understand. The algorithm represents the operations necessary to evaluate J in Eq. 106, perform LU factorization and solve for the unknowns. Most significantly, the LU factors of J are generated as it is evaluated . As implied by Eq. 109, an n-level system requires n-I projection operations to evaluate J and an additional n- l projection operations to generate its LU factors.

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