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By Simone Weil

Attente de Dieu est un recueil de lettres écrites par Simone Weil de janvier à mai 1942 au Père Joseph-Marie Perrin, O. P. l. a. philosophe y explicite sa place par rapport à l’Église, son attachement pour elle et son refus de compter parmi les convertis.

Simone Weil y explique pourquoi elle ne peut demander le baptême : "S'il était concevable qu'on se damne en obéissant à Dieu et qu'on se sauve en lui désobéissant, je choisirais quand même l'obéissance" (p18); sa vocation, telle qu'elle l. a. despatched, est d'être en touch avec tous les milieux humains. L’Église se présente, en tant que corps social, comme un shelter défendant ses valeurs à los angeles manière des patriotismes; comme tout corps social, elle entraîne ses membres dans un système de valeurs qui les coupe du reste de l'humanité.

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40 It cannot be denied that every cult o f a personal go d m ay involve some form o f bhakti and w e are certainly justified in searching41 Vedic literature for anticipations o f post-Vedic devotion alism. Dismissing, however, this question o f origin it must be emphasized that the bhakti idea, though emerging in Svctäsvatara’s poem , occupies a much more important place in the Bhagavadgïtâ. Bhakti is, in the Gita, one o f the three ways to salvation and it is, m oreover, the w a y for which the author feels a grow ing sympathy.

That neither Sarva, nor Bhava, nor ïsâna injures the man, his cattle or his fellows, w ho has acquired a certain knowledge impresses us as a reference to a distribution o f 38 THEOLOGY identical or similar divine pow er over three manifestations:42 as is w ell known, many ancient texts are, according to the view s prevailing in a definite context, to the predominant religious convictions or to the exigences o f some ritual argumentation, inclined to w hat m igh t be called either synthetic or analytic representation o f the same divine reality or pow er complex.

53 However, there are in the Veda groupings o f divine names in w h ich the points o f the compass play no part whatever. — in succession given a name and these names are every time correlated w ith one o f the provinces o f nature or other important entities. The first name given is Bhava, and the waters are said to be Bhava, the second Sarva and the fire is Sarva; in a similar w ay are paired Pasupati — again another name o f Rudra-Siva— and the wind (Väyu), U gra and the vegetable kingdom ,54 Mahan Deva (‘ the Great G o d ’) and the sun (Äditya), Rudra and the moon, Tsana and food, Asani (the Flash o f lightning) and Indra.

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